yo dude why aren't you on twitter or skype anymore??

i was in startford for spring break and we couldn’t find the wifi password and no one would tell us >:c

but i’m home now so it’s all good.

ty 4 thinkin of me uwu

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GO —-> Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favourite followers (not back to me, I did it already). Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go (this is what i actually meant to send tho)

but what does this have to do with x-men??????

  1. i got out of bed today even tho i feel really shitty go me
  2. i’m a good singer \m/
  3. my eyes are pretty cool lookin i guess?
  4. i went to the gym yesterday and i plan to make a habit of it and i’m proud of myself for trying to make myself healthier :3
  5. i can get along with the most ignorant asshats and bless me for not lashing out at them every damn day

yes quite

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first of all how dare you

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ayy tell me more about eponine's planty quirks! also her fav music!

oh!! eponine has vines in her hair and at the ends of the vines are lil stigmas and anthers so sometimes bees get confused and hang out in her hair because they think they’re pollinating flowers.

she also can’t take hot showers because it will dry out her skin.
and instead of having oily skin (cuz it happens to everyone sometimes) she sprouts tiny lil petals in her T zone :3 (she’s my favorite i could talk about her forever)

she really likes any music written in a heartfelt manner, but think mostly mumford & sons, jason mraz, beirut, stuff like that. she favors the sound of guitar over any other instrument. she secretly has an obsession with pop music

3, 6, 33!

3. birthplace
portland, oregon

6. tattoos i want
oh man don’t even get me started. the first one i’m getting is gonna be on my left wrist saying ‘chin up;’ in courier new font uvu i also have this really awesome music/bird/flower tattoo design goin on but i’m still workin on it

33. first date story
um i guess my first real date would be when nick took me snowboarding. it was absolutely terrible because i have no coordination other than hand/eye. it took us an hour to go down one of the smaller hill. he was trying so hard to teach me lol bless but hey i got hot chocolate at the end of it so

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hi just here to remind you you're MEGA RAD and ily. okay later nerd. B]

hey just here to [incoherent squeaking]

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Thats one intense dream!! Quite very glad I asked!!

i’m glad it entertained u


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okay this is gonna be sorta long i’m sorry

one time i had a dream where a really strange faceless man broke into my bedroom window and i snuck out of bed (i was close to the door) and slinked out the door to warn my mom but when i got to my mom’s room i found a super bloody mess and another one of the faceless men. this one saw me and let out this terrible screeching sound and i booked my ass out of the front door and ran for like 9 miles around my town and i finally got to a cliff that led into lake wazeecha and they were about to catch me so i jumped into the water and then i woke up


About those bear phone charms. I put that image into Google Images search and they are a sex toy. A cheap hand held magic wand massager.


i don’t know how to feel about this tbqh

hahahahahaha kyla i see u likin my posts lmfao

laughin bc ur the kind of loser that reblogs their own selfies

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pls no



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creepykarkat said: what’s wrong friend don’t be sad D:

ah ty for your concern friend but it is a lot of things really
i’m just kinda overwhelmed and a little stressed but hey what can you do

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Share 10 facts about yourself & send to 10 of your fave followers!! :D

oh!! um!

  1. i really wanna draw/paint right now but i can’t find the motivation :c
  2. i’m singing ‘crazy’ by gnarls barkley really loudly right now my neighbors probably wanna cut me
  3. i have synesthesia and it is pretty great but i can’t look at some colors without being revolted
  4. i currently need a place of employment 4srs
  5. i draw a lot of my songwriting inspo from allison weiss she’s wonderful <3333333
  6. i write a lot of music but i think i’m pretty bad at it
  7. i’m startin my senior year on september 3rd holla @ me
  8. my boyfriend is leaving for a college 2.5 hours away next month and i’m really sad about it ugh
  9. i’ll be okay
  10. i wish my drawing abilities were better. they’re probs not that bad but i’m quite the perfectionist, so.